Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mi dispiace non parlo Italiano

I thought it would be fun to learn some other languages. I got all excited thinking Matt and I could learn some other languages to broaden our intellect and be able to talk to each other in private if we wanted to around others .. I mean how pretentious right? What it really came down to was this.. I was obsessed over everything Italian, and I wanted to feel like I was bettering myself in some way other then owning someone in a battleground.

So I talked up my excitement to Matt, who then got excited about it as well. We then practiced with what I could find free on the internet but it just didn't cut it with the conversational aspect of the language. I didn't want to spend a great deal on tapes unsure of how far we would take this so I did a little digging.

I found a great website called where you can converse with others from around the world to practice your verbal skills in a new language. I also found a great deal through Pimsleur at least I thought it was a great deal, leave it to me not to read the fine print.

For $9.95 we could get a conversational tape to help teach us how to converse in Italian in only 10 days.. that is right folks you heard me right.. 10 days. The same tapes the FBI uses. I thought well how can you beat that price and if it sucks well.. I only spent $9.95 right.. WRONG.

Truly this is my fault for not reading closer. I am usually pretty good at reading the fine print and the faq's of products before buying anything, but I swear I just did not see the small little box that told me what I needed to know. So my gripe is not about what happened with this specifically, but in general how many companies do this to you. They offer up a great deal you can't say no to or sounds great at a small price, then when you read the small print you find out you just signed up for a lifetime commitment for $85.00 a month. If you try to cancel they charge you to ship it back, they take out a restocking fee, and your first born child, and that is only if it's the third eclipse of the year!

So I got another box of Italian speaking tapes in the mail and was shocked why did I get this I thought. I checked and sure enough they charged me $64.00. I went to the website and BAM there it was my marriage proposal acceptance where I said "I do". I called them I said look I am truly sorry I did not read the small print I don't want to be charged for any future payments. I will take the hit on this one but I just wanted it cancelled. Was it that easy I ask you? NO!

She told me if I wanted it cancelled I needed to return the tapes. I said I would keep what I have take the hit but I don't want any further charges. She informed me that how it works is unless I return them they will keep charging me. So now I have to go down wait in line at the post office, package this back up, pay for it to be shipped (oh and she suggested I get a signature confirmation - so another fee for that) all in the name of getting a divorce from Pimsleur.

I should have looked closer - I know better - and I didn't.

I am really tired of how many companies are going this route. Why can't I just purchase one thing anymore and that is it. If I want more then I will buy more. Why does everything have to be some life long commitment where I get locked in and charged every month for stuff I won't use? I know the answer. It's called greed. They want those extra bucks from those that don't check their statements that close, or those like me that they will get the first charge off of who don't read things close enough, and I just find it frustrating.

If I want to try out your shampoo, your make-up, your tapes, your jiggling weight machine, or anything else don't make me get married to your company. YES I want the milk for free I don't want to buy the whole damn cow. Please don't act like a virgin and make me put a ring on it before I get to see that the goods really suck.

Now I am off to the post office to get a quickie divorce! Vaya con dios amigos, Ciao, Auf wiedersehen, and Cheerio


Rowan said...

I totally understand this. Yesterday, I went through and email and two phone calls getting quite irate with a company I won't name because they automatically renewed--for over $100--a service I thought I ahd canceled and which I had not used in at least three months, if not close to four.

All this bad blood because they "didn't want to inconvenience [me] by interrupting the service." RAAWWRR! But I got my money back.

My ex-wife went through something similar a few year back, with a video company selling church-related materials. It's underhanded and wrong.

Oakstout said...

Yeah that sucks. A friend was telling me about an incident with Time Warner. Apparently a relative signed up for a bundle that included digital cable, HD and phone service. Then the bill came and it was different than the agreed price, so TW said they would fix it. Then the next month the bill had not only not gone down but went up. The reason? TW was running special on the bundle but it ran out one month after they signed up. No one mentioned that to the customer. So remember people who want your money won't make it easy to give it back nor will they help you save money they want. said...

I've taken more foreign languages in college then I care to admit, but I never really used it so I lost alot of it.

Basically I can hit on chicks in 5 different languages.

As for spending money, I'm curious about Rosetta stone, but I think it costs 200 I'm not THAT curious.

Daisy said...

Thanks for the comments - glad I'm not alone in this. I hate that if I am interested in something I have to go over every word on their site to make sure I haven't accidently signed over my life. Rivz why am I not surprised you can hit on women in 5 different languages lol :P